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Creative Wellness

through Graphic & Web Design
+ Artistic Experiences


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La Rose Prints was established in 2012, with a laser focus on the development of vision through stationery design for family and small business engagements. Over the years we expanded to an even bigger emphasis on lasting impressions by providing graphic and web design services.


- Kierra Robertson, Chief Executive Officer 

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You can trust us with your Vision.

At La Rose Prints, creativity and quality of design is at the heart of our process. We strive to provide stationery, merchandise, graphic, and web design services that go above and beyond. We are passionate about helping our clients create legacies, promote their small businesses, design stationery for celebrations/events, and bring their visions to fruition. Our designs are custom-made to capture the essence of our clients' needs and desires.

Let's dive into our DESIGN PROCESS:

  • Phase 2: PLANTING (Rough Digital)
    Concepts of the SOLUTION(s) are developed digitally for further exploration. These may be presented to the client, justifying the design and supporting concepts.
  • Phase 4: BLOOM (Final)
    Final SOLUTION(s) are displayed demonstrating real world application. La Rose Prints and the client provide approval. The final solution is then released to the client, given receipt of full payment, or the agreement set forth in the consultation has been fulfilled.
  • Phase 1: SEED (Ideation)
    This phase consists of research and/or sketches exploring concepts to select a direction for the design SOLUTION(s)
  • Phase 3: GROWTH (Revisions and Refinements)
    CLIENT chooses a direction based off of what is presented. Designs are further refined implementing variations and colors to be represented to the client for approval.
  • Logo
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Have an idea? Need creative direction? Have questions about how to accomplish your creative goals?

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Done for you items will be

available, already designed.

Coming Back Soon
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We service forward-thinking individuals and organizations, who can embrace our ability to make a positive impact in this world through design.

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The Rose Garden is where creatives grow. Want to join a family of artists, designers

and leaders?

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From the beginning of life to remembering legends,

La Rose Prints is with you and your family.

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Losing a loved one is never easy.

With La Rose Prints, we design and print traditional and non-traditional tributes (obituaries) for current and previous losses.

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artistic expression

It's not a hobby. It's a lifestyle. Infuse art into your life with our art experiences.

Coming Soon
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The Rose Garden is where creatives grow. Connect through conversations and resources created to support you as a visionary.

Lifestyle  Solutions

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